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Radu Marinescu                         

By the Black Sea in Constanta, Romania I first saw the light of this earth in 1957. Fascinated from an early age by the diverse sounds and rhythms to be found in this area straddling the Western World and the Orient, I started to occupy myself intensely with music.
Already at  the age of 13 I formed my first band called “75 Horses Power”. My musical activities continued to expand in this direction and so it was that in the beginning of the 80’s I found myself playing drums in two of its time successfully bands, “Blitz” and “Krypton-Fort”. At the same time a strong interest in audio engineering arose and I was lucky enough to gain some valuable experiences in both live-show and studio techniques.
Shaped by many live-gigs, TV appearances and radio broadcast  this time continued until I moved to Germany in 1985.

Around the same time, I successfully completed my musical education graduating as an instrumental solo percussionist in 1983.

On my arrival  in Germany I finally took the chance to strengthen and further the skills and knowledge I had acquire in audio work to date. To this end I completed my studies with a Diploma in Audio Engineering at the "School of Audio Engineering" in Frankfurt in 1990.

In the middle of the 90’s I began to work in one of the biggest and most modern recording studios of its time in Germany: “Sound Studio N” in Cologne where I worked as a mastering engineer until the end of 1994.

In 1995 the „Liquid Gold Mastering Studio“ was conceived and subsequently constructed in the countryside near Bad Neuenahr. In conjunction with Carlos Peron, I advised on both technical and acoustic specifications. Parallel to this we refurbished the already existing studio with more up-to-date technology.   I then continued my work at this new and re-designed studio as a Senior Audio and Mastering Engineer.

In 2001 I decided to found my own audio and music engineering company and so it came about that “acoustic-entertainment” was born in Cologne.

Since 2004 I also support and recruit for the “Studio 301” team in Cologne in my capacity as a Master Engineer.

Arising from a deep desire to share my experiences of many years, I finally started lecturing in "Audio and Mastering" at the “SAE- Institute of Technology” in Cologne in 2005.